What colors are combined in clothes

Every person who wants to dress stylishly and fashionably needs to be able to combine colors. The wrong combination of colors, even if the clothes are matched perfectly, will spoil the whole image. But you don’t have to be an expert in fashion or an artist to combine colors in clothes, just read this article and you will learn this art in a matter of seconds!

Red is incredibly bright and alluring, and it would be foolish to ignore it. It is the color of passion, confidence, attention, it attracts the eye. Red clothes go well with black and white.

What colors are combined in clothes

Brown is good to wear with white, sand, yellow colors. This color scheme is well suited for the office and for walking.

Blue is a very noble color. It looks great with beige, brown. It also goes well with light blue. Marine style in combination of blue, white and red looks flawless!

Light pink – the color of tenderness and femininity, just like peach. These colors are combined with brown, beige and white and give the image lightness and airiness.

Green color in all its shades perfectly complements gray. Together these two colors can do amazing things! In this outfit you can go to a business meeting.

Dark purple burgundy color looks great with gray, white and black – it’s a classic. You can come up with an interesting image by combining it with the color of coffee with milk.

Sentimental pastels pair with mustard and white. Looks soft and stylish.

Designers say that the image should be exactly three colors. To avoid miscalculation, follow this advice. By choosing more than three shades, you risk looking too colorful. If you choose only one or two shades, your image will seem unfinished.

What colors are combined in clothes

To prevent this from happening, do not forget about accessories.

Now you know how to combine colors in clothes, and you will look great on any day!

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