Construction of a wooden house

Every year the number of wooden houses in the urban area is growing, and those wishing to live in a wooden house are only increasing. Houses made of timber and modern materials are already a simple village hut, but a modern, trendy and multifunctional house with all amenities.

Wooden houses have a number of key advantages, and I would like to note that nature itself took care and created such a building material that such a dwelling has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional and physical health of its household.

The tree has such qualities as durability, reliability, low thermal conductivity and of course aesthetics. This information will be useful to the category of developers and future homeowners who are still hesitating when choosing building material for their future home.

Thickness in 15cm. will ensure the maintenance of heat in the house from a wooden log house, and to ensure a similar amount of heat for a brick wall, a thickness of 90 cm is required.

The superiority of wood over brick is obvious, including the cost of materials.

In addition, the construction of wooden structures will be much more economical. Because it does not require powerful foundations, the cost of which can fluctuate at the level of 10-15% of the cost of the entire construction. For a wooden house, light strip or column foundations are sufficient, which will fully ensure the durability and stability of the building. In addition, you can significantly save on the exterior of the mansion.

For the construction of small houses, baths, garages, etc.d., it is not necessary to order the project documentation in full.

However, there are drawbacks to wooden materials, and they limit their use in construction. These are such vices: hygroscopicity of the structure, as a result of which deformations can occur due to humidity, as a result, this leads to rot and a high degree of ignition. To do this, it is necessary to carry out additional work during the construction process and already in finished form: protection from precipitation, impregnation of wood with antiseptics and flame retardants from fire.

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