Construction of houses from glued beams

The popularity of wooden houses is steadily increasing every year. In such a house it is easy to breathe and feel comfortable. The main disadvantage of wooden raw materials is the ability to absorb moisture in the cold season and release it in the summer. Poorly prepared boards during operation can form cracks, and the house as a whole can get subsidence. If houses, cottages are being built, it is recommended to use only high-quality materials.

In order to avoid such problems, construction organizations offer to build houses from glued beams. In the manufacture of the material, a thorough drying of the raw material is carried out. Humidity quality timber should not exceed ten percent. Thanks to this indicator, the building will shrink almost imperceptibly – one or two centimeters. The service life of glued laminated timber walls will also increase significantly.

In addition, houses made of new material have a number of other advantages. They are not subject to rot and do not crack. Due to minimal shrinkage, the box at home does not change. Thanks to special impregnations, houses have fire-fighting properties. Finishing work in houses made of glued laminated timber is not necessary, because the look of natural wood decorates housing better than any finish.

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