The use of natural stone in landscape design

In the creation of landscape design, the main role is played not only by plants, ponds, decorative fountains, but also by natural stone, which can give the garden originality and mystery. Natural stone goes well with both water bodies and any vegetation.

On this material, you can not only focus all attention, but also assign it a second role, with which you can change the whole view of the site. To make the garden plot individual and unique, it is enough to use one large stone. It is logical to make the fence for the dacha stone, but the chain-link mesh is also suitable.

Natural stone is distinguished by the fact that its use is possible in landscape design, regardless of its style. It is often used to create alpine slides and rockeries. Stone can beautifully lay out garden paths, and can also be used to decorate ponds, decorative fountains and waterfalls.

In any landscape design, various do-it-yourself water objects are in great demand. Any water object is very advantageously combined with natural stone. This material has a wide variety of textures, shades and sizes. Therefore, the stone can be used to decorate artificial reservoirs, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. For the pond, you can use pebbles, which lay out the bottom, and the edges of the reservoir are decorated with larger stones. To give the stone a natural look, moss is applied to it.

When choosing natural as a decoration for a reservoir, it is necessary to remember the properties of some stones. So limestone and sandstone are able to collapse under the influence of water, so it is better not to use the stones that are made of them.

Despite all the advantages of natural stone, it is important to observe the measure, since one stone can add sophistication to the garden, and their excessive accumulation creates clutter.

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