How to jump on a snowboard

Many of those who can snowboard fairly well want to achieve more and try to learn how to jump. First of all, to learn how to snowboard professionally, it is best to start training on the plane, and not immediately go to ski jumping.

How to jump on a snowboard

The main “chip” of the jump, which must be mastered in order to perform various tricks, is the ollie. To perform such a trick, you should carefully move the back half of the body to the back of the snowboard, which is called the tail, and then after that fully straighten up, thereby finally loading the tail. After that, you need to slightly weaken the pressure, thus giving the board the opportunity to throw up in an upward direction. During the jump, be sure to bend your legs and make sure that the tail and nose of the snowboard touch the slopes during the landing period almost simultaneously. This trick is the easiest, once you master it, you can perform more complex and intricate tricks. When performing it, you must definitely follow the important point so that the entire part of the snowboard touches. slope with the entire surface at the same time, because, knowing how to land it correctly, you can avoid injuries.

When the simplest jump is fully mastered, you can safely begin to try to master the basic elements of rotation. To do this, you need to move a little to the side on the edge of the snowboard and after that, without changing a certain curved motion vector, perform the ollie trick on the snowboard. When performing a trick, you must try to perform a correct and very accurate jump, which will allow you to turn 137 degrees on a snowboard. Gradually, you can try to perform sharper turns and start trying something completely new and unusual by mastering new tricks and changing the side of the rotation.

How to jump on a snowboard

After learning the basic movements and rotation directly on the entire plane, the snowboard owner will be able to start learning to jump on ski jumps. It is best to start learning ski jumping from small bumps, thus gradually getting used to and mastering jumps from a small height and moving on to much larger hills. When performing snowboard jumps from a height, you should learn how to land correctly so as not to get injured during the landing.

When mastering jumps in a snowboard, you should be prepared for various kinds of surprises, because it is impossible to predict exactly which skill you will need to use when performing tricks.

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