Hall space organization

Not always much attention is paid to the hall in the apartment, and even more so to its interior and decor. The hall is often reorganized, it is combined with other rooms, in some cases they get rid of it. Despite this, almost any hall can be organized so that it is comfortable, outwardly pleasant and functional.

Most often, when designing ordinary standard apartments, the hall is planned in such a way that it turns out to be not very attractive and obviously without the expectation that someone will decorate it. Indeed, most often the hall turns out to be narrow, elongated, cramped, with doorways in the walls, not very bright and rather gloomy. The gloomy hall involuntarily repels guests from the first steps inside the apartment, so it is worth placing bright lamps that would illuminate the apartment, starting right from the threshold.

Many halls are significantly transformed due to the competent arrangement of light. The light in the hall helps to visually enlarge a small room or, on the contrary, reduce the height of ceilings that are too high. If the ceiling in the hall is low, lamps will fit it, whose light is directed upwards. It will be enough to hang a chandelier and hang a couple of three lamps on the walls. For the convenience of controlling the light in the hall, you can use the lamps that can be rotated to adjust their position optimally for your hall. This is ideal for an apartment where there are many rooms and their doors open onto the hall, lamps can be hung at each of the doors, thereby marking each room. For good hall lighting, you can use built-in glass blocks, if you approach this more creatively, you can use multi-colored glass blocks.

Another way to brighten the hall is to paint the walls in light colors. Regardless of the size of the hall, to brighten it, it is necessary to make the walls in light colors. If the hall is cramped and small, the light tone of the walls will visually expand it. In the case when the hall is very long or with very high ceilings, it is necessary to balance it with bright colors and accents. By painting the upper part of the wall in a light tone, a too narrow hall will expand. In order to lower too high ceilings, it is necessary to paint the top of the walls in dark colors. Do not make the hall monotonous and boring. In order to decorate the hall, you can apply an ornament on the walls or cut out a stencil and use paint to decorate your walls with it.

In order to choose furniture for your hall, you need to determine its size and shape. For a small apartment, as a rule, furniture is a built-in wardrobe, such wardrobes look the most advantageous in the hall. It is desirable that it be a wardrobe with sliding doors, such wardrobes are very spacious and convenient for use in the hall. Another creative solution can be a rack with doors decorated with colored glass. You can store shoes, various necessary things in it, such a rack is well suited for a narrow hall. You can install a mirror on the sliding doors of the built-in wardrobe, which will also visually enlarge the hall and will be convenient to use before leaving the house, when you need to look at your reflection and appearance. The standard set for the hall is usually a wardrobe, a hanger, a shoe box, a chest of drawers. If the dimensions of your hall allow you to install all these elements, then you can buy everything at once as a set. An integral part of the hall furniture is a small chair or ottoman, perhaps a small bench. When choosing furniture, it is important to observe a single style of the entire hall. Do not forget about various shelves and key holders, if you wish, you can put the plant in a tub.

The value of the appearance of the hall is often neglected, not considering it important, but the hall is the first thing that a person crosses the threshold sees, it is important to make a good impression about your house, which begins just from the hall, so you should pay attention to it and correctly organize its space.

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