How to present character weaknesses in a resume

Everyone who has got a job at least once in their life is well aware that when applying for a job, every employer requires from the applicant, in addition to other documents, also a resume. And each applicant, in turn, wants his resume to make the most favorable impression on the employer and influence his choice. But in a resume, as a rule, it is required to indicate not only your education and professional skills, but also your strengths and weaknesses, which quite often causes difficulties. The strengths of your character, of course, are not difficult to point out. But here’s how to correctly indicate your weaknesses in your resume so that the employer does not lose interest in you at this stage and still invites you for an interview? This will be discussed in this article.

How to present character weaknesses in a resume

If you are asked to write a resume in any form, then we can say that you are lucky. In such a summary about your weaknesses, you can simply be modestly silent. In this case, the saying that “silence is golden” will come in handy. Focus on your education, professional skills and work experience, and do not even mention your character traits. You can tell your potential employer about them directly at the interview, if you are invited there, of course.

But such luck rarely happens, and in most cases, applicants are forced to fill out a standard resume form on the company’s website or directly in the office. In this case, you can’t get away from filling out the column about your weaknesses.

Remember that everything “what is written with a pen cannot be cut down with an ax”, so think very carefully and carefully weigh all the words that you decide to put in the “weaknesses of your character” column.

You should not make a big and, unfortunately, common mistake of applicants, and put a dash in the column about your weaknesses. Remember that there are no perfect people, and each of us, whatever one may say, has negative sides. Therefore, your dash will make it clear to your employer that your self-esteem is too high, which he is unlikely to like.

But you should not go to the other extreme and describe all your weaknesses carefully and in detail – your excessive frankness in this case will most likely not be appreciated.

How to present character weaknesses in a resume

Also, one should not forget that some aspects of character cannot be assessed unambiguously. For example, such a character trait as sociability, for professions related to communication, will be considered positive. But if you apply, for example, for the position of chief accountant of a large company, then your desire to communicate with colleagues and the ability to find a common language with them will most likely be perceived as a disadvantage. The employer will doubt whether, instead of performing your direct duties, which require concentration and solitude, you will not constantly talk on the phone or communicate on social networks.

Therefore, pointing out your weaknesses of character, proceed from what position you are applying for.

Sometimes you can find advice that it is best to indicate your strengths as negative traits of your character – for example, workaholism, perfectionism, or an increased sense of responsibility. But this old and well-known technique by many employers does not always work, so it’s up to you to use it or not.

When thinking about what to write in the “weaknesses of your character” column, do not forget that the employer thus wants not only to find out this information, but also to check your honesty. Therefore, you should not write what is actually not there – the truth will still become known to everyone. Although, it is possible that it will not be revealed immediately, but at an interview or a trial period – but only after that you will no longer be in this company.

How to present character weaknesses in a resume

Pointing out the weaknesses of your character, try to write about what you can work on. Moreover, be sure to indicate that you are ready to work on them in a cover letter or your resume. Many employers like to educate an employee, as they say, “for themselves”, so your willingness to work on yourself and change for the better will be appreciated by them.

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