Investments in the construction of boiler houses in the Pskov region

It became known that within five years 94 boiler houses will be built and modernized in the Pskov region. At the same time, 5.5 billion rubles will be invested in this project. All work related to the modernization and construction of these complexes will be carried out without going beyond the agreement on the development of the heat and power complex of the region. At the same time, it should be noted that this agreement was concluded between OJSC Mezhregionteploenergo and the administration of the Pskov region.

According to Alexander Kuznetsov, who is the Deputy Governor of the Pskov region, and it became known about the amount of invested funds. He also noted that 13 municipal districts will be participants in this program. At the same time, he added that this project is not only about the construction and construction of new enterprises – modern boiler houses that operate on gas, but also about the relocation of existing heating networks.

As a result, it was noted that in the near future it is planned to build inter-settlement gas power plants, as well as the construction and reconstruction of existing facilities.

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