How to properly run to lose weight “

Unfortunately, a modern sedentary lifestyle increasingly provokes education in excessive weights. Moreover, both women and men suffer from completeness today. And those who seek to get rid of their extra pounds resort to different methods for this-someone sits on the strict diet, some turn to dietethyologists, and the rest are recorded in sports sections or begin to run in the hope of losing weight. But not everything is so simple – you even need to run correctly, otherwise jogging can not only not lead to weight loss, but also harm your health.

How to properly run to lose weight

The first thing you need to know about all those who decide to go jogging in order to lose extra pounds is that you need to do a warm-up before running. During the warm-up, not only the muscles of the legs, arms and back are prepared for the upcoming load, but the whole body is also warmed up, which is very important. If you neglect the warm-up and run right away, then the first minutes of running will be spent by the body on warming up, and not on burning extra calories, as you would like.

During the warm-up, it is recommended to do squats, jumps in place, leg lunges, and each exercise must be done at least 8-10 times.

You also need to run correctly, especially if you are doing this for the first time. For beginners, it is recommended to run 2 times a week for 15-20 minutes. You should not run fast – the pace of running should be such that it does not interfere with your conversation at this time. It does not matter if after the first lessons you feel tired – after a while, when you get involved, the running time and the number of classes per week can be increased. Remember that in order to achieve the goal, experts recommend gradually increasing the run time and bringing it up to 40-60 minutes.

How to properly run to lose weight

While running, be sure to listen to your feelings. If you feel pain or extreme fatigue, then it’s time for a break.

In order for the body to be able to part with extra calories and, accordingly, kilograms, it is necessary to run alternately, changing the type of run and its intensity. It is important to know how to lose weight with the help of running to know that fats in the human body begin to disappear only at maximum load, so alternate the run with a coward with a zone for all strength. While running, your stomach should be pulled in, your shoulders should be straightened, and your back should be straight.

To prevent your body from wasting energy on swinging your arms, your arms should be in a relaxed state. It is also very important to place the foot correctly during such a run – it is advisable to immediately stand on its entire surface.

Proper breathing is of great importance when running for weight loss. As a rule, most beginners make the same mistake and hold their breath while running, which is definitely harmful. Breathing while running should be rhythmic. It is recommended to breathe like this: 4 steps – inhale, 4 steps – exhale, and it is better to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

How to properly run to lose weight

For some reason, it is believed that it is most useful to run in the morning. But this is not entirely true – in order to lose weight, it is better to run in the evenings, because at this time the body parted faster and easier with its fat deposits. After you lose a certain amount of extra pounds, it is recommended to switch to morning running to maintain the effect.

While running, the human body intensively loses energy, which causes thirst. To get rid of it, it is advisable to moisten your mouth with water every 4-5 minutes.

Remember not to run after eating. According to experts, the optimal interval that should pass after eating should be 2 hours.

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