Construction of houses

When erecting a log house, the butt (adjacent to the root) part of the tree trunk is mainly used (in the professional “first forest”), its distinguishing feature is an extremely small number of knots.

The undisputed leaders among the main types of wood are pine, larch, much less often cedar or spruce. Cedar is more often used when building a house from large logs with a diameter of 40 centimeters or more.

The optimal time for harvesting material, as well as building a log house in the Krasnodar Territory, is winter. At this time of the year, the movement of juice stops, and as a result, the resulting logs are not so wet. It should be noted that the southern forest for a log house is much worse than the northern one: in the cold, tree growth is not so active, which is why the wood structure in such conditions is more dense and highly uniform.

Based on the diameter of the log, all the houses of manual cutting are divided into several categories.

Construction of wooden houses in the Krasnodar Territory from logs of small diameter (15-25 centimeters) – for the most part these are outbuildings or temporary structures.

Houses made of logs with a diameter of 26-40 centimeters – buildings suitable for life all year round.

Houses made of unique round timber with a diameter of 40-60 centimeters (the size may be larger) are certainly suitable for living all year round. Their construction is much more expensive than those listed above, the high cost is due to the uniqueness of such trees. This can also include houses from a gun carriage (houses made using a special “Norwegian” technology, in which the logs are firmly connected by a “Norwegian lock”), the construction of which is used for logs of large diameters.


Previously, trees for felling were grown for a long time and with great care, cutting the trunks in a certain way: the bark was removed in narrow strips so that strips of the whole bark remained for the normal movement of the juice.

For five years, the tree was oiled at the very base, and it was cut down. Today, due to tight deadlines and thanks to new technologies, the tree simply grows, and after it is cut down, it is treated with antiseptics for lasting protection from external factors.

Trees are cut exclusively by hand, after the bark is also removed manually, this process is called “barking”, this is done so that the bark beetle does not start, which will instantly ruin the log, and it will be unsuitable for construction. Then they make a guard with a scraper: the upper 1-2 millimeters of wood are simply removed. At the end, the log is assigned a number so that it would be easier for builders to figure it out during the construction of the log house.

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