Description perforator Makita HR2460

The Japanese-made puncher Makita HR2460 is characterized by small size and weight, improved material specifications and durability. Ergonomically shaped body makes working with this tool as comfortable as possible.

Asynchronous motor is located in the middle of the plastic housing. The motor has a maximum power of 780 watts and is naturally cooled. There are a lot of similar engines on the site /node/29, so I recommend to look. The electric motor is equipped with an electronic tool speed control system. On the housing next to the engine is a two-position switch to change the direction in which the cartridge rotates. The reverse is designed to carry out actions with fasteners, remove jammed drills.

Starting the electric motor is carried out using a fixed start button on the handle. The number of revolutions of the electric motor depends on the force of pressing the button. The handle of the tool is equipped with rubber inserts that improve the grip of the tool.

At the front, the body of the tool is represented by a reliable steel gearbox. In order to protect against external influences, the gearbox is covered with a protection made of high-strength plastic. On the rectangular casing there is a button for switching operating modes (simple drilling and impact drilling).

The impact mechanism is able to give out 4500 beats / min. Impact force is 2.7 J. Quick clamp type chuck can rotate up to 1100 rpm (at idle). Additional front handle rotates around the body axis of the tool. The handle is made of high-quality rubber that does not slip in your hands.

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