Painting a wall with a spray gun

During the redecoration or overhaul of a residential building with a large area and short deadlines, it is very often necessary to think about how to save time and labor.

In this case, electric spray guns are often used to paint walls and ceilings. They do an excellent job with the task, and the paint layer laid with their help will be more even.

But, as with any job, there are tricks and difficulties here

• When choosing an airbrush for work at home in a hardware store, it is better to give preference to trusted companies with reliable devices (Bosch, Hammer professional line, Makita). And the point here is not at all the advertising of these companies, or the fashion trend. A large load falls on the spray gun during operation, and therefore, in order not to scold yourself later for the wasted time and money (after all, good spray guns are not at all cheap), it is better to first attend to the choice of the manufacturer. Check the fastening of the spray gun hose, if the hose is cracked and pretty worn out, then it is better to replace it with a new one, but when buying a hose, you should take into account the pressure for which it is designed.

• Before you start coloring itself, you need to carefully read the instructions that came with the device. It contains all the necessary instructions and recommendations in order to avoid breakdowns and force majeure situations during operation.

• Never mix different paints in one spray gun flask. After staining is completed, the paint container must be thoroughly rinsed with clean running water. This will significantly extend the life of the device.

• In order for the paint to lie as evenly as possible on the surface of the wall, before painting it is necessary to treat the wall with a special protective primer. Then let it dry for at least a day to be ready for further action.

• Painting the wall with an airbrush from a distance of at least 0.5 m. In this case, the pressure of the paint will be evenly distributed, and the paint layer will be even throughout the work.

• For the operation of an electric spray gun, you need to use only those colorful and processing compounds that are prescribed in the instructions for the device.

-Don’t forget the safety rules too. Since the paint from the spray gun comes out under great pressure, it is worth protecting your hands by wearing protective gloves, as well as your eyes by covering them with goggles.

Before you start painting a large space with an airbrush, you should first practice on a small one, for more confident work in the future.

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