Window defects

Windows and their components have their own service life, and over time, the most reliable PVC structures wear out and cannot perform a 100% protective function. When our windows need professional repair, we try to postpone it, and patch the windows with improvised material, as a result, this leads to a complete replacement of window structures. If you want to avoid serious consequences, then seek help immediately if you encounter the following problems. If you have a cracked double-glazed window, the crack may be due to improper installation or strong mechanical stress. Such a crack leads to a decrease in thermal insulation and requires a complete replacement of the broken double-glazed window.

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If you find that wooden windows are being blown through, then you will need high-quality insulation, and if you have a PVC system, then you need immediate repair of plastic windows. The reasons for blowing plastic windows can be: profile deformation, skewed window sashes, wear or poor quality of the seal.

If the windows are difficult to open, then the reason for this may be faulty fittings and such a defect significantly reduces the service life of window elements.

If you found drops of water or mold on the glass, then the reason for this may be a factory defect, which led to depressurization of the double-glazed window.

If you do preventive maintenance, window repair, restoration in time, then your windows will last a long time and keep warmth and comfort in your home.

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