Parquet flooring

Block parquet is the “count” among the “niello”, the only way it can be compared with most other floor coverings. This flooring has a very presentable appearance, aesthetics, durability and many other positive qualities. But at the same time, it is important to note that piece parquet is quite difficult to install and very demanding to maintain. If you show indifference or illiteracy during its installation or during its operation, the parquet flooring will become unusable in less than two years. Of course, it is necessary to lay the parquet in appropriate rooms, the most suitable is the living room. By the way, now water is often disinfected by the SDV station, usually it is recommended to consult with specialists before use.

There are many different types of this material. Parquet is divided according to the type of wood that was used in its production, according to production technology, according to the method of sawing and according to grades, and parquet flooring differs in the type of laying of parquet boards.

Parquet is inextricably linked with sanding, which is carried out immediately after its laying and during restoration. By the way, such restorations can be done not one or two, depending on the thickness of the top layer of parquet. The fact is that in the course of scraping, the top layer with varnish is removed.

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