How to choose a drill?

It is probably hard to imagine a family in which a man did not have at least some kind of power tool. The current market presents the owner of a house or apartment with a wide selection of various electrical assistants. However, the first place is undeniably occupied by a drill. Do not count the number of holes that need to be made to hang a curtain rod, lay wiring, attach a wall lamp in the bedroom … and so on and so forth.

So which drill to choose for yourself? This question comes up in the mind of almost everyone.Let’s, without going into details, consider the main nuances of this device.

You need to start your choice from the most important. For what purposes do we need a drill? Will we work with it professionally or will it be enough for us to drill a couple of dozen holes? A professional power tool is undoubtedly better and more durable than a household one, but its price is often high. If you are going to make money doing repairs, then you definitely need a professional tool. The household version of the drill will be more practical for an amateur. It is cheaper and much lighter, and in size it will be a little more compact. But the main thing is the price!

The second question of our choice will be where you are going to use the drill: indoors or outdoors. If you are away from home, then it is better to choose the option with a battery, because it is not very convenient to carry a long wire with you, and in some cases it is impossible. But it is worth remembering that such a drill will be much more expensive than its wired counterpart, and the operating time will be significantly limited – and this should also be taken into account!

Another important factor when choosing is the power of the device. If you need to drift on wood or plastics, then 350 W is enough. If you set more complex tasks in terms of material and functions (for example, the impact function), then choose a more powerful analogue: 700-800 W will be ideal.

Also pay attention to the maximum diameter of the drill that your drill will be able to accept, if it is not able to make a hole of the desired diameter, then when buying, you will simply throw money away.

And, of course, a set of additional convenient functions. The ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the drill will allow you to reduce the time of work or use your drill as a screwdriver. The impact function will make it faster and easier to make holes in concrete, but do not overdo it: you should not force a drill to make holes in reinforced concrete, you should buy a hammer drill for this. And, of course, the presence of a reverse would be a nice addition.

If you pay attention to these simple tips, you can choose a good assistant in the repair for yourself. And finally, remember: do not choose “what is cheaper”, because a quality thing, as a rule, is not cheap!

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