What sights to see in Sri Lanka

There are a lot of attractions in this tropical country that you should pay attention to. But it’s hard to see them all in one trip. Is it possible to dedicate a special excursion trip to Sri Lanka for a month to this. There are more than 70 items in total.

Therefore, you should decide what you want to see first.

Let’s first list the top five most famous and popular attractions of the island.

Adam’s Peak or Mount Sri Pada

It is also called the mountain of butterflies, as huge clouds of these winged insects gather there at certain times to spend their last days there. Peak sacred place of worship of four religions. At its top is a temple.

What sights to see in Sri Lanka

The place is very mysterious and is one of the most popular attractions of the island.


This city was in ancient times the capital of Ceylon. It has a lot of sights that are worth seeing.

What sights to see in Sri Lanka

In addition to temples, monasteries, gardens and statues, there you will see a moonstone and a stone book, which is 8 meters long and 1.4 meters wide.

Yala National Park

This is the oldest park on the island, located 300 km from the capital Colombo in the southeast of the island. It has a large territory and is unusually rich in flora and fauna. It is very popular among tourists.

What sights to see in Sri Lanka

By the way, there are several similar parks in Sri Lanka. They are: Horton Plains, Bundala and Uda Walawe. It is also very popular and visited by tourists.

Sigiriya or Lion Rock

Amazing rock palace, a miracle created by nature. Is the jewel and pearl of the island.

What sights to see in Sri Lanka

Breathtaking landscapes open up from above. There was an ancient fortress on the rock. Beautiful ancient frescoes are still preserved, which are gradually being destroyed, unfortunately.

Kandy city with tea plantations

The world-famous Kandy tea is made in this city (the second largest in Sri Lanka with a population of 100,000 inhabitants). Around on the slopes of the mountains are endless tea plantations. An indescribable sight. But, and the city itself is like a fairy tale. Greenery, lake, interesting architecture and many attractions.

You should definitely get acquainted with the city of such a famous brand of tea, its history.

What sights to see in Sri Lanka

This city, it turns out, was the third and last capital of the Sri Lankan kings. He was the last to fall under the onslaught of the English colonialists in 1815.

If you have time, be sure to use it and get acquainted with a number of attractions, interesting places, which are very numerous in this wonderful island nation.

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