Mortgage boom in the country should not be expected

The Ukrainian population for a given period of time, according to various estimates, has about 83 billion dollars available. No mortgage boom in the country will happen until the time of the country’s population begins to get rid of the cash dollar massively. In order for such a boom to be observed, active investment in the real estate segment is necessary.

The results of the last 2012 indicate that a certain part of the Ukrainian population has already begun to invest their savings in real estate in the country, with each subsequent year, the number of such citizens will increase, but you should not expect a significant mortgage boom. No expert makes positive forecasts for 2013, due to the lack of real prospects. Closer to 2015, we can talk about revitalization in the residential construction market, due to the fact that this year the presidential election to take place, this will become a prerequisite for allocating an additional 4-5 billion hryvnias in the housing sector in the housing sector. It is assumed that with a high degree of probability, the government of the country will create a completely new mortgage program for the Ukrainian population.

Most development companies have already demanded that the country’s government return the program to reduce the cost of mortgage loans, in particular, use 3 percent lending for such loans. This will contribute to the exit of some intermediaries from the market, as well as reduce the rate of corruption in this market segment. Thus, we can talk about the possibility of selling about one billion hryvnia, which were not used, but allocated in 2012. While the government is not ready to go for mortgage lending at 3 percent per annum, a new program is expected to be developed.

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