Double density board patent still only held by Rockwool

Representatives of Rockwool, a world-famous company, are ready to defend their exclusive right to produce double-density stone wool slabs in court. Despite the fact that, according to Russian patent law, only Rockwool has a patent for the manufacture of such boards, the company periodically has to sue Russian competitors.

So, in the summer of 2011, the company’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the issuance of a patent to TechnoNIKOL for a model called “two-layer insulating board”. Ultimately, the registration of the model was invalidated, which completely satisfied the representatives of Rockwool. Representatives of TechnoNIKOL will most likely try to refute the court’s decision, while, as independent experts say, they have good chances of being favored by the court of the next instance. Apparently, it’s too early to put an end to this story.

However, according to the current patent, two-layer stone wool slabs, consisting of a hard upper and soft lower layer, can only be produced in Russia by Rockwool. It is difficult to say how much this state of affairs complies with antimonopoly legislation.

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