Organic Cits: the city of the future in the UAE

Representatives of the Italian designer studio Luca Curci Architects have created a fundamentally new concept for the construction of the city of the future, called Organic Cities, for the leadership of the United Arab Emirates. In fact, it provides an opportunity for all residents of the country to settle down within a single public space and in complete harmony with the surrounding nature.

It is clear that internal work will be done on an individual basis. Someone will have high-quality decorative plaster, someone will have high-tech metal and plastic panels.

Against the backdrop of the rapid development and upward growth of the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, one can draw a completely logical conclusion that they borrow exclusively negative things from urbanism – the disunity of the population, individualism, as well as the constant pursuit of changeable ambitions, thoughtlessness in the use of natural resources. America and Europe are already getting rid of such trends in every possible way, while the Asian countries, which have huge oil reserves, are acting diametrically opposite – they are pumping.

The main highlight of the presented Organic Cities project from architects from Italy is the focus on individualism and enclosed space ambitiousness. This concept completely rejects the construction of high-rise skyscrapers and specialized multifunctional complexes, which are still plentiful in the UAE.

The concept of the city of the future is life, recreation, common, within the framework of a single open space within which there is a constant intersection and interpenetration of several cultures. We can say that the choice is made towards the socialization of society.

Each complex will include several ground structures of a round shape, near which moon-shaped objects will be located, which are planned to be implemented on artificial islands.

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