Seedlings in cups: how to make and tips

In gardening stores you can buy many interesting things, in particular, cups for seedlings. Buying ready-made is quite expensive.

Is it possible to replace purchased products with homemade ones? The answer is yes. If you look at useful tips, you can find a lot of useful information for the garden.


Do your plants need to dive? Does it take a little time between sowing and planting in the ground? This is the solution for you.

There are two options. The first is egg cartons. Holes need to be made in each cell. Then put the seeds, sprinkle with earth, dig up, water.

Ready! Cardboard decomposes quickly: when the seedlings grow up, you can dig it right in the box. This will simultaneously get rid of weeds and prevent the evaporation of moisture, so that plantings can be watered less often.

The box can be used as a stand. And instead of containers – empty eggs. If you do not break the shell in half, but carefully remove the upper part and pour the contents through the hole, you will get an excellent pot. It remains to fill the earth and plant the seeds. The shell also decomposes quickly, so you don’t have to pull the plants out of the ground when transplanting. You just need to squeeze or hit the shells to crack.

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Tired of booklets and flyers? Use them wisely, make pots. The principle is extremely simple. You need a cylindrical object like a glass or an air freshener. Open the flyer, fold it in thirds, wrap it over the top of the cylinder, leaving a slight vacation on one side. Remove and fold the bottom like an envelope. Glue to secure. Done, the cup can be filled with earth.

Leftover toilet paper rolls? Arm yourself with scissors. Make four cuts at the top. Fold and fold (imagine packing a box).

If the plants do not need picking, you can plant them directly in the paper. Quick seedlings will do: the pots will not get wet in a month.

If you listen to the advice from the Slobodskoy Krai portal, you can do a lot of useful things for your home with your own hands.

Citrus skins

Only large fruits like oranges will do (grapefruit is better), tangerine will not help. You need to cut the citrus in half and carefully cut the pulp. Each half is a separate pot. Make a hole at the lowest point to drain excess water and fill the mold with earth. If the fruit is large enough, even two seeds will fit.

You can plant it right in the garden.

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