How to choose a fondue pot

Fondue is a great way to welcome guests without spending too much time at the stove. This dish takes less than five minutes to prepare. The original fondue dish originated in Switzerland. Fondue is prepared in many restaurants. There are several varieties of fondue.

The easiest chocolate fondue. In addition, there is meat and cheese fondue. The main component for fondue is melted in a special dish. Then spices and other auxiliary products are added to it. Next, pieces of meat, bread and fruit are dipped into the resulting mixture. Fondue dish is great for a group of friends. To prepare it, you need a fondue maker.

A fondue pot is a small container on a stand. A burner is located under the fondue pot, with the help of which the contents of the fondue pan are kept in a creamy state. Fondue pot can be made of cast iron, clay, ceramic or stainless steel.

Instead of a burner, you can use a regular candle in the form of a tablet to make chocolate fondue.

Meat fondue or cheese fondue will require a more powerful burner.

Usually a fondue set includes a burner, a pot and special forks. It is better to put fondue on a special wooden board. To the fondue set, you can purchase gravy boats for each member of the company.

Fondue dish becomes a regular dish in any fun company. Cheese fondue goes great with beer or white wine. Only good quality cheese is used. Cut the cheese into cubes, add dry white wine, cream, black pepper and salt.

To the resulting mass, add half a tablespoon of starch diluted in water. The finished mixture in fondue should not boil, so stir and slowly melt the food. Pieces of dried bread, ham or any smoked meats can be dipped in the cheese mixture.

Meat fondue is prepared a little differently. You can pour broth with wine and herbs into the bowl, or use hot vegetable oil. Meat of any kind is cut into thin, not long strips. A piece of meat is wound onto a fork and lowered into the hot mixture for a few seconds.

Potatoes can be cooked the same way.

Favorite Chocolate Fondue. To prepare it, melt any chocolate, add cognac or liquor, milk or cream to it. You can lower any fruits, pieces of fruits, marshmallows or pastille into a chocolate fund.

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