Solid oak parquet: yes or no

Oak is a dense wood, 700 kg per cubic meter is more than American walnut. It should be noted that this type of material is recommended to be laid in rooms where there is a lot of walking. But there are also disadvantages in solid oak parquet. Although the material is in a dry state, this does not prevent it from living. For example, in summer and winter, the array shrinks or swells.

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Therefore, before laying such parquet, it is worth solving the problem with the temperature regime of the room. In this case, supply and exhaust ducts can be installed in combination with air humidifiers. Manufacturers recommend laying an array that will be about 150 mm, but each of us knows that the wider the board, the more beautiful the appearance.

Here, too, there is a way out, you can use the design, which consists of three layers of massive plywood. This design is a lower and upper layer of the same breed, and between them is Austrian spruce. Thanks to the Austrian spruce, the upper and lower layers are interconnected and do not change their geometry either in winter or in summer. The main advantage is that there is no need to think about the temperature regime, as well as the level of humidity in the room.

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