The second stage of the Ocean Plaza shopping center

It also became known that before starting construction activities, the development company intends to study the local market in the most detailed way to determine the elements that are missing in the first stage. Particular attention will be paid to the phases of the project, which in no case should compete with each other. Based on which, the second stage should be considered exclusively in the context of the addition and logical continuation of the first stage.

Closer to the fall, the concept of this project will be completely finalized and then construction work will begin. Estimated investment cost of the second stage is about 200 million dollars. Representatives of the development company announced that there will be no problem with the financing of the construction of the Ocean Plaza shopping center. To implement this project, even credit funds can be involved, a number of banking structures are already ready to provide them.

At the moment, preparatory work is being carried out on the site. At the same time, you should pay attention to a decrease in the indicator of customer capacity for the period of the last year, which also requires certain adjustments to the project. The issue of filling the second stage with entertainment components is currently being studied.

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