What are mattresses

Mattresses are foam, wadded, downy (feather bed), water, inflatable, orthopedic.

Foam mattresses are inexpensive, they are soft, elastic, breathable. Such mattresses are short-lived, as polyurethane foam quickly deforms and crumbles. Such mattresses will last up to 5-7 years with proper use. But due to the rapid loss of shape, the comfort of sleeping on them is doubtful.

We know wadded mattresses and feather beds from Soviet times. Watniks are easy enough to transport, they are moderately tough, which made them the most popular for daily sleep.

Cotton mattresses and feather fillers have a number of disadvantages:

1) They are difficult to clean

2) Over time, they acquire an unpleasant odor

3) Not adapted to the anatomy of the human body

4) Collect dust and moisture

5) Tick carriers

6) Do not absorb (lack of springs)

The naturalness of the filler is not justified: moisture stagnation inside the mattress creates a greenhouse effect and can cause allergies.

Water mattresses – an exclusive option for active experimenters. This piece of furniture will easily take the shape of your body, allow you to relax and experience interesting sensations. The filler of such mattresses is dynamic, so it is not recommended for people with spinal problems to sleep.

Air mattresses are the most inexpensive, portable and compact rookeries. They are easy to store in a closet, take with you on vacation and on a picnic, spread out for a guest. Such mattresses are short-lived and easily spoiled. From moisture, the air mattress is deformed, and bumps form on it. Long sleep on such mattresses is contraindicated.

And finally, orthopedic mattresses. They combined all the necessary properties: convenience, versatility, hygiene. These mattresses are not designed for camping conditions, they are stationary. But an orthopedic mattress is both a mattress and a bed at the same time. The multi-layer construction of the orthopedic mattress provides ideal support for the human body during sleep.

Orthopedic mattresses are universal – on the one hand they can be hard, on the other softer. This allows you to take into account the individual needs of the person. There are special anti-decubitus mattresses for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, you can buy an anti-decubitus mattress at the link above in the online store.

The number of springs inside the mattress affects its elasticity and ability to adapt to anatomical features. The more springs, the mattress is considered better and more expensive. The ideal number of springs – 2000 pieces per bed. On such a mattress, you will sleep comfortably in any position – on your back, on your stomach, on your side. Its service life is from 7 to 10 years.

There are orthopedic unright mattresses. They are ideal for a crib. The materials that make up the mattresses – natural latex, memoroforms, coconut coyra – provide proper rigidity, are well ventilated.

You can buy a mattress cheap and the most expensive, the main thing is to know what types of mattresses are for what are intended and how durable they are durable.

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