“Pechersky bastion”: lack of common sense

Over the past year, the attention of all media has been focused on the Kyiv residential complex “Pechersky Bastion”. Experts argue that there is no logic and common sense in his question.

The construction of the notorious skyscraper began back in 2012. It was assumed that this object of residential real estate will be a complex with medium number of storeys. At the same time, after some period of time on the official website of the company, through which apartments were sold, information appeared that you can buy an apartment even on this complex on this complex.

The construction of skyscrapers in our country has always been quite cool, higher requirements in terms of security were always presented to such structures. And the construction of a new high-rise was planned to be implemented in a seismically dangerous zone, and even in the historical part of the city. Naturally, the view from the window is a very important component of luxury housing, especially when these are German windows, but how can it be more important than banal security?

Regarding the safety of this object, you can argue for quite some time. It was only last summer that the first “springs” began to seep from the hill, as construction work caused destruction in the sewer. As a result, several apartment buildings along Olshanskaya Street, as well as private houses, were under the threat of collapse at once.

Naturally, this state of affairs did not suit the residents of the houses in any way and they formed their own initiative group, which sent a corresponding letter directly to the Pechersk prosecutor’s office. A criminal case was even opened on the fact of the destruction of a number of adjacent territories and outbuildings. The agreements regarding the start of the construction of the skyscraper were eventually declared invalid.

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