How to lay linoleum

Linoleum must be laid when all repairs have already been completed. Before starting work, you need to free up all the space on which you plan to lay a new linoleum. Old skirting boards also need to be removed, it is even better to replace them with new ones.

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The new linoleum can be laid on the old one, provided that there is a flat floor under the old linoleum, with this method of flooring the floor is softer and warmer. If the floor is wooden, it must first be covered with plywood. Linoleum should lie spread out on the floor for at least a day so that it evens out. There must be a gap of about 1 cm between the wall and the linoleum, which will subsequently be closed with a plinth. The gap will help the linoleum lie more evenly and not gather in waves.

If the linoleum is cut out of one large piece, which is enough for the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small room, then it can not be glued, it will perfectly press against the skirting boards. But in large rooms, where one piece of linoleum may not be enough, or if the linoleum is cut from several pieces, it will have to be glued for more secure fixing to the floor. In this case, it is necessary to use a special glue designed for linoleum, the glue should not be applied to the entire surface of linoleum, but in parts. Excess glue rolled out with a roller from the center of the room to its edges. It should also be known that it is better to stick linoleum on a primed basis.

After gluing linoleum, the stitches formed must be sealed with hot welding or special glue, which is designed to close the voids at the junction of individual pieces of linoleum. At the end of all the work, you can install a plinth.

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