The main causes of building foundation defects

The very word foundation characterizes, as it were, a solid foundation. Therefore, they call the support of the entire building this capacious laconic word. And the stronger the foundation, the more reliable housing construction is. But nothing material, unfortunately, can be eternal.

So is the foundation: no matter how strong it may seem initially, it begins to lose its qualities over time. And defects can be the reason for everything. The main ones include the poor quality of the work performed when laying the foundation; low quality of materials used in the construction of the house; physical deterioration of the building.

As for the poor quality of work and the materials used in the construction of the foundation, then, first of all, you will have to blame yourself. You, apparently, made a bet on the wrong “specialists”. A true master of his craft will not allow poor-quality work (and even more so when it comes to the foundation – the basis of the entire structure).

Regarding poor-quality materials in the construction of the foundation, we can say that this is either your pursuit of cheap goods in the desire to save money when building a house, or poor control on your part over the work of all the same “specialists”.

But with the physical wear of the foundation, you can only blame for a while. Only one thing should be said: if the above two reasons are absent, then the better the work was done and the better the material was used, the later the aging of the house will come.

But all the same, sooner or later, cracks in the foundation will go. And the usual natural factor will affect this. Due to the effects of groundwater, the terrain is gradually modified. And this will cause an uneven subsidence of the foundation.

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