How to start losing weight

The number of people who want to lose weight is growing every day. But for some reason, not all of them really lose those extra pounds and regain their former harmony. What is the reason for this? And there are several of them – in order to get rid of magnificent forms, you need to force yourself to work, and this is sometimes difficult. The second reason is people’s belief in miraculous drugs that supposedly make the body lose extra pounds at a time when a person still enjoys buns and cakes and does not change anything in his life. And the last and one of the most important reasons that the dream of losing weight remains a dream is that many obese people simply do not know how to lose weight correctly so as not to harm their health.

How to start losing weight

It’s great if you have the opportunity to get advice from a nutritionist who will tell you all the stages of the weight loss process, but if this is not possible, then you can read this article – it will discuss exactly how to start losing weight correctly.

First of all, if possible, find people in your environment who also dream of losing their extra pounds – it is always easier to lose weight in a company, because you will have like-minded people with whom you can always discuss the problems that arise in the process of losing weight. Yes, and it will be more difficult for you to abandon this idea in this case – you don’t want to look in the eyes of your friends as the weakest and weak-willed?

Be sure to get yourself a special diary in which you record everything that you ate during the day. Be sure to note if you had breakdowns during the day, and for what reason, and how quickly you lost the weight that was added after the breakdown. Such an impartial statement of facts will allow you to observe your weight loss process as if from the outside – this will also help you achieve your desired goal.

You are probably well aware that the process of getting rid of excess weight will go faster if you start giving your body physical activity. Therefore, if, in addition to the diet, you also started going to the gym or exercising at home, then you should also write about this in your diary, indicating how many kilocalories each of your exercises burns. And, of course, in this diary you need to record the results of each of your control weighings, which will allow you to visually see if this process is proceeding correctly.

How to start losing weight

The following advice to those who decide to start losing weight speaks of the need to purchase scales, which will fix your lost kilograms. We do not recommend buying conventional scales – it will be better if you buy special scales that show how your weight is reduced – due to a decrease in muscle mass or body fat. Of course, such models of scales are a bit more expensive than regular ones, but, nevertheless, you really need them.

In order for your weight loss process to go in the right direction, try to remove from your refrigerator everything that can lead to a breakdown in the diet. This, of course, is difficult to do if your relatives live with you. Try to explain to them that you really need it, especially at the initial stage of losing weight.

It will be easier for you to lose weight psychologically if you change your large plates to small ones, because they can be filled to the edges of a good food for you. The human brain, according to experts, is arranged so that a crowded plate, even a small one, is perceived better than a half -empty large plate.

How to start losing weight correctly

Try to part with the habit of “jaming” stress, which, most likely, you had before. Now that you started the fight against excess weight, you should not start a meal in an irritated state at all – otherwise you can, without noticing it yourself, break and start to eat that you do not need. Start eating only when you calm down a little and come to your senses – in this state, you are unlikely to decide to break the diet and begin to consume high-calorie foods. You can come to your senses in several ways – with the help of calm music, a short walk or communication with those who are losing weight with you. In this case, use the method that suits you – but, most importantly, do not sit down at the table until you calm down.

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