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For some reason, it is believed that wood and water are incompatible. But, how then, ancient troughs, kegs, tubs? What material was the Russian bathhouse made of?? Of course from wood. Therefore, a wooden bath can be considered a distant descendant of its ancient archaic ancestors.

It is clear that wood is not particularly suitable for the production of sanitary ware, but the general tendency to sacrifice great functionality for the sake of a spectacular appearance has returned an array of valuable wood species to circulation. Also, a change in the general worldview, the desire to see more naturalness in one’s life and the fashion for everything natural also played a role. For the spoiled consumer, the tree turned out to be an excellent bait. Although, wooden bathtubs are a bit impractical and difficult to maintain.

How wooden bathtubs are made?

For the production of such baths, only wood species that are highly resistant to the negative effects of moisture are taken, for example, such as larch, wenge, mahogany, that is, historically valued by shipbuilders. Complex and expensive modern technology, thanks to which, baths protect against the destructive effect of moisture, is the result of the long development of the processing of yacht and ships. Special chic, here is to preserve its pristine beauty used and minimize visible coatings. Streamed and smooth baths are created from fragments that are closely adjacent to each other. Such baths are smoothly polished and in some cases covered with varnish. They make up, as a result, a completely integral structure. An additional decorative factor is the beautiful texture of the array.

Few people in the modern world prefer to use wooden baths, but still, a huge number of the population of the planet previously preferred this type of rest. I would like to say that the installation and installation of a bath of this kind is much more difficult, because, in fact, it is very difficult to create something similar from wood.

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