Door Care

Any surfaces, whether they are metal entrance doors or wooden interior doors, need care, just like any other furniture in your apartment. So, daily care is to remove dust from the door leaf. To do this, use a napkin, a soft cloth or even a vacuum cleaner, but also with a soft nozzle. But interior paneled doors with glass will require more care than similar, but deaf. When caring for doors, it is not recommended to use alkaline detergents or cleaners, as well as brushes with a ribbed surface. Because as a result of such care, scratches may appear on the surface of the door leaf or a layer of paint or varnish will be damaged, which will certainly entail the cost of restoration work. In addition, during the operation of doors, they must be protected from various kinds of mechanical damage. As well as contact with hot objects and contact with solvents or water on their surface.

That is why it is worth taking care of metal doors constantly and using only those products that are recommended by the manufacturer. Only that your doors will be able to serve you for many years. And most importantly, remember, no matter where you bought the doors, these are entrance or interior doors, deaf or with glass, standard or custom-made, they still need to be treated with care.

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