The use of clinker thermal panels for facade cladding

It is possible to insulate the house and at the same time make the facade cladding? Now yes!  And this became possible thanks to the invention of clinker thermal panels.

Such panels consist of two parts: the inner one acts as a heater, and the outer one acts as a facing material. The inner part is polyurethane foam – an environmentally friendly material that is able to keep the heat of the house from 100 to 400%. The outer part is made of clinker tiles. This is a durable, durable material that looks great on the facade of any building.

The panels can withstand the most extreme conditions: from Siberian frosts to African heat, and at the same time retain their original appearance and properties.

Clinker panels are installed using self-tapping screws using “dry” technologies.  As a rule, they are used for cladding low-rise buildings (private houses, small schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, etc.). d.). service life, depending on compliance with operating rules, ranges from 50 to 100 years. For all this time, you will not need to make additional repairs and correct vulnerabilities that will not be.  The price for the material is quite affordable to the average Russian.

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