Cozy scent

A scent that embodies warmth and comfort, tenderness and awe of hope, sincere care and deep feelings of mature love. A fragrance that reveals love itself, in its true manifestation. What is he? Calm and gentle, warming, creating an atmosphere of lightness and happiness, while filling with fresh feelings of love, which is languishing in anticipation of being reborn into true love.

The complex and beautiful fragrance of Cacharel Promesse is the embodiment of calmness and care, awe and affection, it is the very feminine principle, manifested in the joys of marriage and motherhood. A fragrance reminiscent of gentle touches on a summer evening, of a light white dress with a warm wind playing in its folds, of night lights reflected in the surf, of the thrill of hope and expectation on the day of the wedding celebration. A fragrance with hints of cozy bergamot and blackberry combined with a light haze of orchid and jasmine, emphasizing the most languid and desirable facets of the fairer sex, while full of chastity, sincere love and reverent care.

Cacharel Promesse has conquered the hearts of millions of women, revealing different shades and undertones on each skin, while maintaining the overall image sensual and exciting. Perfumers Carlos Benaim and Sophie Labbe, who created this unique composition, masterfully emphasized the individuality of each owner, while revealing the whole bouquet of the most valuable qualities that characterize a woman as a whole.

Soft floral components in symbiosis with warm fruity notes reveal the owner of the perfume as a truly accomplished woman: an affectionate, loving wife, a caring keeper of the hearth and comfort, a guardian of family values, remaining attractive and exuding irrepressible charm, bringing novelty to relationships, keeping them calm and stability.

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