How to congratulate a woman on March 8

The most beloved holiday of all women is approaching.

How to congratulate a woman on March 8

Men buy all the flowers and stock up on patience. But your woman will be much more pleasant if you congratulate her not in a stereotyped way, not as usual and every year, but by putting all your imagination and putting a piece of your soul.

Bring your loved one breakfast in bed. This gesture means much more to women than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. The man bringing breakfast is another level. You can cook something simple, or you can get up early and run to the nearest cafe for fresh buns, it’s up to you, but the very fact of such an offering will make you a rank higher than all men in the world.

Find out what your woman dreams about and become a real magician for her. Perhaps she dreams of skydiving or riding a horse, giving her such a gift, you will certainly please her to the core. After all, every woman in her heart dreams that you will read the most secret thoughts and suddenly amaze the imagination with your courage.

On March 8, try to surprise a woman. Give a gift that she does not expect from you in any case. Give porcelain swans, a gold ring or a mink coat. Here, proceed from your abilities. Everyone knows how to surprise his beloved on such a holiday.

Gift your soul mate personal care products. No matter what anyone says, this is also true. Just don’t give perfume or lipstick. For a gift, it is better to choose something neutral, something that does not depend on your different tastes. For example, give a manicure set, an electric foot bath, a coupon for visiting a beauty salon. Such a gift will please any woman, because they remember themselves so fat, taking care of men.

You can also give some nice nonsense. A huge teddy bear, a large bouquet of flowers, or a heart-shaped pillow. Such gifts are useless, but very pleasant because of their cute uselessness. After all, often a woman wants to receive just some kind of nonsense as a gift, they get bored with eternal practicality and balance, they want a holiday and a little windiness, and such gifts tune in just that way.

Remember, no matter what you decide to give your loved one on March 8, the process of giving is very important. Do it from the heart, sincerely and so that everyone sees and admires your imagination.

How to congratulate a woman on March 8

Then your woman will be so grateful to you that you will want to surprise her not only once a year on March 8.

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