The sealant is called elastic material, which is used for grouting in expansion seams for insulation. Sealants are stronger than seals, but it is very difficult to lay them.

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If earlier the sealants had the same colors and could very much stain the surface, then many experts used the grout. Now sealants are cement and sand and seals and the seals of it are a wide color scheme that can approach any surface.

Today, sealants are easy to apply and residues can be easily removed with water. Sealant is usually used in two cases: it will protect the tile from stains, and it will also protect the tile from excessive moisture.

To prevent spots from forming on the tile, it is necessary to cover it with a liquid transparent sealant.

If you need to seal the seams and make the joint airtight, then you should choose a silicone sealant. It is used for smooth surfaces, will be resistant to all weather conditions, high humidity, and will not be affected by detergents.

Silicone sealant can seal the seams between the bathroom and the wall, toilets, it is plastic, resistant to water, dampness, mold, etc.

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