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In the top ten Russian cities with high indicators of the quality of the urban environment, and is distinguished by favorable conditions for doing business. About a dozen large factories for the production of building materials are actively operating in the city, and the sphere of capital construction is a competitive environment. The admission of the SRO in Ufa is a necessary condition for any organization that is set up for long-term stable activities in the field of surveys, design and construction and the design of school buildings and structures.

Membership in the SRO is a necessary condition in the construction business

From a legal point of view, a contractor carrying out work that affects the safety of a capital construction facility without the approval of the SRO simply violates the rules established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In the event of any conflict situation, such a company or PE remains unprotected – at any time the transaction may be declared invalid with all the ensuing consequences for the participants.

That is why, customers of large contracts in the field of capital construction prefer to deal with a company that has a SRO certificate for carrying out the planned work. If we are talking about a state or municipal order, then its presence is a prerequisite and is always reflected in the tender documentation.

The real situation in the construction services market (including survey and design work) is such that in order to successfully run a business, SRO approval is required. By joining the SRO, the company receives significant advantages over its competitors: legal assistance and protection in the process of carrying out its core business; the opportunity to receive government orders and municipal orders; methodological support, a platform for staff development; providing activities with insurance coverage, including at the expense of the SRO compensation fund.

The main types of SRO permits

The general list of types of work requiring SRO approval in the field of capital construction is approved by the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development and contains more than 200 items. Self-regulatory organizations regulate the activities of their members in three main areas:

SRO in research. They cover all types of engineering work related to the preparation of land plots under the objects: geotechnical, geological, topographic, environmental and seismological works, including laboratory tests.

SRO in design. Regulate the activities of the engineering and technical arrangement of facilities: water supply systems, heat and gas supply, sewerage, etc.d., including preparation of project documentation.

SRO for construction work. Regulates more than 100 types of construction work, including preparatory, excavation work; device and installation of reinforced concrete, stone, wooden structures; facade and roofing.

It is rather difficult to decide whether SRO approval is needed for a specific type of work, to determine the order in which approvals are obtained according to the degree of their influence, to assess the company’s ability to comply with SRO requirements. Qualified assistance in these matters is provided by a large interregional company SRO97, which has a branch in Ufa. Established contacts with the largest Russian SROs of designers provide an opportunity to obtain admission to all types of work, as well as to join the SRO of builders in Ufa.

With the help of self-regulatory organizations, the state ensures the protection of the rights of consumers of construction products at the expense of private business, which profits from this activity. To this end, SROs form a compensation fund (one-time contribution), current expenses (periodic membership fees), require participants to insure civil liability (insurance fee). In large companies providing services for joining SROs (for example, SRO97), there is no entry fee to SROs.

The amount of the contribution for a particular participant depends on: the direction of activity (survey, design, construction work); from the staffing of the company; from the contractual price of transactions (regardless of their number).

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