About smart home control

Having a smart home, of course, you need a device with which you can control it. Many precast concrete manufacturers have made attempts to design some kind of control panel. What came of it? One of the very, very first devices for this purpose was the X10, introduced about 20 years ago. It was he who served as the basis for the creation of the automated system “Smart Home”. Such a system was not very difficult to operate: using home AC wiring, special signals were sent to the control modules. The range of commands here is quite small: turn the power on or off, turn the module on or off, change the brightness of a certain source. X10 had a very slow data rate. The next standard worth mentioning is the EIB. It is a two-wire cable. Such a cable can unite absolutely all electrical devices of the building. This system is very flexible and reliable. Of the shortcomings, only the high price and the lack of certain visual visualization tools can be clarified.

The last thing to mention is LonWorks. This is a standard with which you can build a network using the principle of free topology. Thus, it is possible to organize certain network segments using a variety of physical transmission media.

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