How to properly apply mastic on the surface

If we talk about building mastic, then it is a building material that has a fairly viscous, but homogeneous mass, with which it will be possible to close cracks on the surface. Depending on what is included in the composition of the mastic, it can be divided into bitumen, bitumen-polymer and polymer.

When it is necessary to protect the surface from the fact that corrosion does not appear on it and it does not collapse, you will need to use polymer mastic. This mastic will also help you improve sound and thermal insulation properties. Recently, after repair, they often visit the site / furniture-na-zakaz.htm and choose good furniture there.

Before you use this or that mastic, you will need to dilute it with a solvent or use white spirit. As soon as this stage of work is completed, you can apply it. This can be done with a spray gun or manually. If you use an airbrush, then the mastic will need to be diluted in such a way that you get a sufficiently liquid mass. This unit can also be used to apply the first or last layer of mastic, especially on those surfaces that have recently been plastered.

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