How to drink natural juices

Freshly prepared juices are an amazingly nutritious, healthy and rejuvenating product for our body. They favorably and effectively affect the body during dietary nutrition, and also perfectly increase immunity, saturate us with a lot of vitamins and the most necessary nutrients. But do you know how to drink natural juices correctly?? Squeeze juice in a juicer and you’re done – you say.

How to drink natural juices

But it’s both complicated and very simple at the same time. To get the maximum benefit from juices and not be disappointed due to bloating, you need to know the main points of preparation and use. This is what will be discussed today.

How to make juice

First of all, fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed in running water; when washing root crops, it is better to use a brush. If you use vegetables or fruits without a peel, then lose some of the vitamins, because a considerable proportion of them are contained in it. Damaged parts should be cut with a stainless steel knife or a grooved knife. All this should be done immediately before making juices, so that vegetables and fruits do not lie cut and do not lose nutrients. To speed up the process, use a juicer, with this method, the juice is prepared 4 times faster and, therefore, the product oxidizes less and is more useful.

Tips for drinking natural juices

Remember not to drink juices with meals. By doing this, you risk being disappointed and become an opponent of this vitamin elixir. The fact is that when drinking juice with food, fermentation can occur, and this will lead to such troubles as heartburn, bloating or nausea. The best option is to take juices before a meal, about an hour before, or after.

How to drink natural juices

The fundamental rule for freshly squeezed juices is to drink them immediately after preparation. As a last resort, no later than 15 minutes. A fresh drink contains a lot of vitamin, but over time, the beneficial substances are destroyed and the product loses most of its useful properties. The exception is beetroot juice, which must be allowed to infuse for several hours. If you drink beetroot juice right away, the volatiles in the juice will cause problems such as dizziness and nausea.

If the juice you drink is acidic, it is best to use a straw to avoid contact with your teeth. Fruit acids found in juices can cause enamel damage. If you drink juice without a straw, then brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water. Acid juices include apple, orange, lemon, pomegranate and others. It is also necessary to drink juice slowly in small sips, which contributes to the highest quality assimilation.

How to drink natural juices

It is not advised to drink juices immediately in large quantities. The best option is to drink about two or three glasses a day, starting with a glass daily. This rule does not apply to all juices, for example, beetroot juice is consumed with a few spoons.

Experiment with mixing juices and get new flavor cocktails. Some juices cannot be drunk without mixing, for example, sour lemon juice or juices from parsley, onion, celery. Therefore, you can add and mix juices in different proportions, depending on your preferences.

When drinking juices containing carotene, it is advised to add a small amount of cream or butter. Under this condition, carotene will be much better absorbed and will bring more benefits. Most carotene is found in carrot juice.

Juices were given to us by nature and with proper use of them, the characteristics of the body, they will help maintain youth, health and attractive appearance for many years.

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