Greenhouses in the country

Many are now passionate about farming on a small scale. This is reasonable: in order to rid yourself of environmentally “dirty” products, it is better to grow them with your own hands. And so that the seedlings have their own, it is best to equip a greenhouse in the country.

This structure will cost inexpensively, as it is usually made from improvised materials and is simple in design. Greenhouses can be either collapsible, which are removed for the winter, or stationary, where you can grow greens for the table in winter.

Collapsible portable greenhouses are usually made of ground type. But permanent non-separable in their design are structures deepened into the ground.

But all types of greenhouses are a box (mostly portable) or a pit with reinforced concrete or wood piping (stationary). So that the walls of the pit do not crumble, it is recommended to dig it under a slope. A wooden box is installed around the perimeter of the pit. They make it either from thick boards with grooves for frames, or from logs. Outside, this box must be lined with earth so that heat is retained in the greenhouse.

Seasonal greenhouses are usually covered with plastic wrap. But it is better to equip year-round greenhouses with a single or gable roof made of glazed frames that fit snugly in the strapping. To avoid drafts in the greenhouse, all slots in the frames must be well sealed.

As for heating, solar heat is enough for portable greenhouses. Therefore, they install greenhouses in a fairly open area. But a year-round greenhouse is better to equip with electric heating. Well, it will be provided with additional heat by natural biofuels, that is, manure

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