How to choose an electric drill

Each owner, trying to keep his home and estate in order, has in his arsenal some kind of hand power tool, first of all, a drill. She is the first assistant if you need to hang a wall cabinet, cornice or assemble new furniture.

If you are planning the construction or large-scale renovation of an apartment or house with your own hands, then you have a very large amount of work to do. In this case, get a semi-professional or even a professional tool.

If you need a tool only occasionally to fix occasional problems, then you can buy a household class model and low power.

How to determine: household tool or professional?

Many believe that the difference is in terms of power or rotational speed. Someone is trying to distinguish between tools in terms of design, design, ergonomics.

It is impossible to determine by appearance whether it is a household tool or a professional one. The power of the device is not a criterion either: many household tools have a very significant power.

The main difference is in the allowable working time. The household tool is designed for one-time operations with interruptions, for non-intensive use.

The professional tool is designed for long-term continuous operation at a sufficiently high load. Therefore, a professional tool is distinguished by greater reliability and a longer resource.

Choosing a drill

Electric drill – without exaggeration, one of the most necessary and versatile tools.

For a drill to really be a reliable assistant, it must have:

Power at least 600-700 watts, the more – the better.

Smooth speed control.

Mechanism for changing the direction of rotation – reverse. The presence of a reverse will allow you to use the drill as a screwdriver – a very useful feature! In order for the drill to work in screwdriver mode, you only need to fix a special tip into the drill chuck. Often such a tip is sold with a drill.

Electronic or mechanical overload protection. This function is especially needed if you will use the drill as a screwdriver.

Drill switch lock in working position. This function is very convenient if you have to work with the tool for a long time – the index finger does not get numb. Household models have this function less often, professional ones – necessarily.

Most modern drills on the market usually have all of these features.

In addition, most drills today are equipped with an impact mechanism, which allows you to drill holes of different diameters in hard material, such as brick and concrete. The performance of an impact drill, compared to a conventional one, is several times higher when processing walls.

You can also use a drill as a mixer for mixing various solutions: adhesives, putties, mastics. For this, there are special nozzles that are inserted into a conventional three-jaw chuck instead of a drill.

corded drill or cordless?

Recently, drills powered by rechargeable batteries have become widespread. This is very convenient if you have to work away from a power source. But keep in mind that battery powered drills tend to be inferior to corded drills in terms of power. Using a cordless drill, drilling a large diameter hole will be problematic.

One more nuance. If you still plan to buy a battery-powered tool, remember that the battery lasts a long time if it is used (discharged-charged) regularly. With rare use, batteries quickly fail, and in order to replace the battery, you will have to pay quite a lot – about a third of the cost of the tool itself.

Most manufacturers produce both household and professional and semi-professional power tools. For domestic needs, drills of the brands Rebir (Latvia), Diold (Russia), Interskol (Russia) are quite suitable. Well-proven equipment from the company Sparky. If funds allow, you can treat yourself to a tool from world-famous brands: Hitachi, Makita, Bosh. Many craftsmen prefer drills from Skil, Ferm, Metabo brands. This tool is relatively inexpensive, but highly reliable.

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