Do-it-yourself built-in wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a great solution to the problem of space in your apartment or house. I will give an example of a closed cabinet with a door, and you can use this example to dream up and do it yourself. By the way, if you want to restore your old wooden windows, then go on, there you will learn how to make restoration with your own hands or you can call the master.

Tools and materials:

(according to the calculation, the cabinet size is 1.6 m by 0.56 m)

– planed timber, section 52/215 – 4.5 m; 62 mm per frame.

– Wooden panel size 1600/215; 45 mm per door or finished door

– a sheet of fine sandpaper

– Stain or varnish

– Door hinges

– door lock

– Glue, Saw.


First of all, you should prepare an opening in the wall according to the dimensions of the desired cabinet.

Next, we assemble the frame, it should be rectangular in shape (future door frame or casing). We take a planed bar with a section of 52/215; 62 mm, performing a fold on it with an exact size of 40×12 mm. We make up two racks and two crossbars (upper and lower) from it, after cutting the ends of the bars at an angle of 45 degrees.

When gluing the frame, all corners should be 90 degrees, for greater rigidity, you can make recesses at the ends of the parts and insert dowels.

Inserting the frame into the opening, the stop of the outer fold should be from the inner edge of the opening. A support rail should be installed on the inside and attached around the perimeter to hold the frame.

And so let’s get to the door. You can buy a ready-made door, or you can make it yourself. The size of the door depends on the size of the opening (in our case, we need a door measuring 1594×539 mm).

The door is polished with fine sandpaper, after which the door can be covered with stain or paint and left to dry. After that, we attach the lower part of the door hinges. From the end of the door – the upper hinges in the appropriate places. And then we put them on each other.

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