How to choose a pet

Surely many of those who are now adults and have their own children wanted to have a pet as a child. Therefore, they perceive the requests of their kids for a pet normally and sometimes they even allow to leave a homeless kitten or puppy in the house, which their child brought from the street. But quite often such a good spiritual impulse turns into quarrels in the family – its members often simply do not have enough time or desire to take care of their four-legged friend.

It is for this reason that you should choose a pet seriously, weighing all the negative and positive aspects of this act, especially if there are small children in the family. When choosing a pet, be sure to consider the following points:

How much free time can you or your children devote to the purchased animal. Moreover, it is necessary to weigh everything – do you have the opportunity to walk, for example, a dog several times a day, and train it. The cat, of course, will not need to be walked, but, nevertheless, it will also need to be educated no less than a dog.

If you still decide to get a puppy, then find out information about the breed of the one you like. Take a critical approach to whether you can create all the necessary conditions for the normal development of the pet. The owner of the dog should be an active person, therefore, if you prefer to relax at home in the evenings, and not walk the dog along the street in any weather, then most likely the dog is not for you. Remember that dog hair can cause allergies in some people, so if you have allergies in your home, buy only a short-haired dog or refuse to buy at all.

In many families, a cat is a pet. Many imagine only the positive aspects of her presence in the house – there will always be a cute purring creature nearby, and there will never be mice in the house. Unfortunately, although cats also tend to become attached to the owner, this animal will not follow your orders, therefore this proud and wayward animal will purr and play with you only when she wants to. In addition, cats can even scratch a child if they are not in the mood. Resist the momentary urge to take home a touching kitten if your family members have only a predisposition to allergies – cat hair is the strongest allergen.

The material side of the issue when choosing a pet is no less important than the rest. Think and really evaluate your capabilities – to keep a hamster or guinea pig will cost you much cheaper than a cat or dog.

Oddly enough, but when choosing a pet, be sure to evaluate the state of your nervous system – can you calmly endure the singing of your bird or the meowing of your cat in March, or are silent and quiet fish in an aquarium more suitable for you.

Small rodents that do not take up much space in the apartment and do not require careful and painstaking care may well become a member of your family if you have children. These animals are surprisingly interesting to watch, and they don’t look intimidating at all, but cute and funny, which children will surely like.

In modern pet stores, the choice of pets is so great that if you wish, you can even become the owner of a monkey, an exotic spider, a crocodile or a snake. But, before taking such a step, find out all the information about the habits and lifestyle of your future pet and really assess your capabilities. You should not purchase exotic animals, if your family has small children – sometimes such unfamiliar pets, if they treat them, can pose a real danger even for adults.

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