Feng Shui bathroom

The key places of any house or apartment according to Feng Shui are those in which the main elements of nature are present – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Therefore, attention should be paid to your bathroom, since it is the main “water artery” of the house. Water is an element associated with material well-being . Therefore, so that money does not “leak” from your home, you should follow some rules.

If, for example, you are building a house and you have the opportunity to choose the location of the bathroom and toilet yourself, you cannot plan them in the southeast. Because the south-east zone is considered, and if a bath or toilet is located there, then the money will not go to the house, but through the sewer pipes. In order to avoid this, the doors to the bathroom and toilet should always be kept closed, also close the toilet lid, make sure that no water drips from the tap. The electronic bidet cover for the toilet, which you can buy at the link above, will increase comfort and make your bathroom / toilet room modern.

Planning a bathroom or toilet in the center of the house is also not recommended, especially next to the bedroom, since in a dream a person cannot resist the adverse waters of Qi. The best location for a bathroom is north.

It is better to separate the toilet from the bath, although both belong to the water element, so together they can also be. If the bath and toilet are combined, then at the entrance to the room we should not immediately see the toilet, it will also be good if the door leading to the bathroom from the kitchen and living room is not visible. Mirrors in the bathroom should not hang opposite each other, thereby creating a corridor. It is best that they hang on the north and east walls.

In a shared bathroom, the bathroom should be in the southwest, and the toilet should be in the opposite direction in the south. When washing, you should not be with your back to the door. And if the sink is located that way, then you should hang a mirror in which the door will be reflected.

The shape of the bathroom should be rounded as much as possible, it should always be clean.

The floor and walls must be finished with ceramic tiles, marble or glass. It is desirable that the surfaces have a gloss. Avoid rugs in the bathroom.

Detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics that you do not use, should be put in the locker, and it is better to throw away old cosmetics altogether. The bathroom is a very “dangerous” zone, due to the constant movement of water, so you should not put any figurines there so as not to activate the zone.

It will not be bad if the bathroom is made in heavenly, white, light green colors. Black and brown colors contribute to the stagnation of negative energy in the bathroom. If you want money to go into the house, choose green bathroom accessories.

Bright light and good ventilation are a must, this will keep the Qi energy from stagnating.

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