Determining the screed level

The screed is necessary so that the concrete floor is even, which is necessary when laying laminate, linoleum, for the correct arrangement of furniture. In this article we will tell you how to make a screed with minimal cost and without cracks the first time. To choose the right level of screed, focus on thresholds or doorways. Having determined the level of the floor, what it should be as a result, with a coating, mark with a pencil. Now you need to measure below a distance equal to the thickness of the coating. This point will be the level of the screed. The level of the finished floor must be the same even if the screed levels are different. The screed is similar to water coating, only the cement-sand mixture, unlike water, does not spread on its own, it must be leveled by yourself. Beacons are used for this. Attention, this is very important! The result of the work as a whole depends on how you install the beacons. To install beacons, specialists use a laser level, the beam of which is a guideline in determining the required height.

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If you do not have a laser level, you can replace it with a hydrolevel, which consists of a transparent hose with flasks at the ends and is filled with water. First you need to decide in which direction the beacons will be located. When marking, do not forget to take into account the fact that after you will need to leave the room and not spoil the fresh screed. Next, mark the horizon. To do this, it is necessary to mark the water level at each end of the hydraulic level and connect the marks with a marking cord, which must be pulled very well so that it does not sag in the center. Using the hydraulic level, we make one more mark between the corner marks just in case. Ideally, the line should pass through this mark. Now repeat all of the above steps on the opposite wall.

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