How to choose a home water heater

Regular interruptions with hot water in apartment buildings for a modern Russian is not uncommon, but its complete absence in private ones is generally a common thing. So that you and your family do not depend on the whims of public utilities, purchase a water heater. This device will make your life much easier, it should be in every apartment and house. And in order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you need to carefully understand which water heater is better to choose.You can buy vksten and spare parts for water heaters on the vksten portal.

On which power source to choose a water heater

The source of energy is the most important criterion in choosing a water heater. Now on the market there are models that run on three types of energy: gas, electricity and water pressure.

one. A pressurized water heater is a device in which water is heated by a generator, which in turn starts when the liquid passes through the turbine. The main advantage of this type of water heater is that there is no need to connect electric current or gas. The source of energy is a generator that heats the water heater, as a result of which we get hot water from the tap. Although the advantages of such a water heater are so obvious, they are rarely found on our shelves. This is due to the fact that in our country the plumbing system is not able to provide sufficient water pressure, so heating is inefficient. It remains to be limited to a choice between two other types of water heaters: electric or gas.

2. Electric water heater – this option is not economically viable compared to the gas counterpart, but it remains only if the removal of the chimney in the house is impossible or problematic. If, nevertheless, it is decided to feed the home water heater with electricity, then you need to make sure that it is three-phase. Do not forget about grounding, installation of special protective three-phase circuit breakers, a three-phase electricity consumption meter, and also take care of installing a closing device that will instantly turn off the current in the event of even the slightest insulation failure. In addition, do not forget that the electrical wiring in the bathroom must be protected from moisture, and in fact it is there that devices for heating water are often installed.

3. Gas water heater – economical and easier to install. There is no need for an additional meter or any other additional expensive equipment. For normal operation, you need to competently conduct water, gas and chimney.

Select instant or storage water heater?

Instantaneous water heater

The only advantage is the low price.


• You can’t wash if the water is turned off;

• you need to constantly monitor the temperature;

• it is very difficult to set up and maintain the desired temperature, it takes a long time to “aim”;

• constant surges of cold and hot water when an additional tap is opened, which cannot be prevented in any way.

storage water heater

The only drawback is more tangible purchase and installation costs.


• you will never get scalded if someone suddenly flushes the toilet or turns on the water in the kitchen;

• rare maintenance;

• simplicity in operation;

• the ability to take water treatments at the right temperature even in the absence of cold water.

The main part of the storage water heater is an electronic thermostat. It is he who helps maintain the water temperature selected by the user. When buying in a store, choose the right amount of storage tank, which is enough for your whole family with all their needs. And then you will not be afraid of any interruptions in water.

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