Do-it-yourself paint roller

Often, special rollers covered with foam or fur are used as a tool for painting. Naturally, they are more convenient to use and provide a better quality of painting work, as well as increased productivity compared to paint brushes.

Such a roller can be prepared at home. As a basis for a fur roller, a duralumin or wooden sleeve is used, which is fixed on a curved axis with a nut with a washer. The axle is equipped with a comfortable handle.

A stocking made of fur with a wool length of 15-20 mm is put on the sleeve. Fur can also be replaced with dense fleecy fabric.

To make a foam roller, it is necessary to drill a cylinder of the required dimensions from this material using a special cutter: length – from 100 mm to 250 mm, diameter – from 40 mm to 70 mm. A through hole is formed in the center of the foam cylinder, into which a duralumin tube is inserted. Then this tube (together with the foam roller) is mounted on the axle and secured with a nut and washer.

Rounded surfaces (such as racks in the balcony railing) are more convenient to paint with double rollers. This design is not that difficult to manufacture. Two ordinary rollers, tightly adjacent to each other, are fixed by the ends of their axes into one holder – a kind of machine-handle.

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