Windows made of plastic combined with wood

This type of window is less popular than other combination windows. The frame is made of wood from the outside sheathed with plastic. Windows do not need special care, the moisture removal system has been improved.

For the convenience of using combination windows, the following items are included in the kit:

– mosquito nets to protect against insects;

– protection from direct sunlight with blinds;

– a valve that provides ventilation of the room;

– shutters made of aluminum protecting against wind, noise and serving as a protection against burglary.

A large number of window sealing contours block the necessary air flow, this is a significant drawback of modern windows. To eliminate this drawback, valves are installed in the wall or in windows that provide ventilation. Such valves do not transmit noise and rumble from the street.

With the help of modern technology, valve models have been developed that manually or automatically regulate the air flow. If it is not possible to manually adjust the air flow, the automatic system will automatically adjust the required air flow for the room. The valve consists of supply and exhaust systems. The supply system is installed mainly on windows. Air enters the room through a special flow section, which, if necessary, narrows and expands.

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