Organization of a duck pond

Residents of private houses can be kept by cattle and poultry, which they often do and do. As you know for every tummy, individual buildings and infrastructure are needed. So the same ducks are vital, at least a small pond in which they could dive and generally swim. These ponds are usually built with construction waste and sometimes with concrete.

The easiest way to arrange a pond is carried out using the old asbestos slate and pieces from metal pipes and corners.

At first, a pit rummages, most often its depth is approximately 40 cm, as for its area, there is a large scatter someone digs a hole in 3 sq.m, well, and someone in 10 square meters.m and even more. After it is compacted, and its walls are framed by a slate, naturally drunk or broken.

The benefit of the slate is now full of many, since recently it is very popular to change all asbestos for everything metallic. So that the slate does not fall inside the pit fixed with metal pipes and corners that simply clogged nearby. By the way, it is important not to forget that the pond should have a call, which also needs to be covered with some strong material. In principle, after the walls and the entry are trimmed, the pond can be filled.

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