Using roofing sandwich panels

Technologies in modern construction are constantly developing and improving, we literally do not have time after them. This applies to most spheres, where a person takes the most direct part. For example, in the field of construction, or rather, sandwich panels began to be used in the last couple of years during the decoration of facades in the last couple of years. This material allows you to produce accelerated roof construction on buildings and makes houses much warmer and more durable.

However, everything is developing, and the sandwich panels are no exception, they went further, roofing sandwich panels were created. What kind of material is this, and how it can be applied in construction?

Roofing sandwich panels, like the facade counterpart, are made like a mini-pie, from three layers. The top and bottom are made of rolled metal, its thickness is up to 1 mm. If you plan to build a roof on a private house, then there are sandwich panels that have an outer layer of up to 0.7 mm. This thickness is in most cases sufficient to withstand heavy rainfall. If you want to buy roofing sandwich panels, then Soyuzstroysnab LLC offers a profitable option. To buy sandwich panels for roofing, you just need to call or send your calculation using the online calculator.

Galvanized steel is chosen as the main material for the outer layer. To give it more protective properties, the metal is coated with polyesters. This layer provides direct protection against UV, moisture and temperature extremes.

Also, the polyester coating largely gives roofing sandwich panels attractiveness and aesthetics. Each owner determines for himself in advance what is more pleasant for him in terms of color.

The third layer, in the middle between the two sheets, is called heat-insulating. But in addition to this task, it is entrusted with stiffening the entire structure. There can be several materials, these are mineral wool and fiberglass and polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, etc.

For some reason, mineral wool stands out among all this variety, and it is chosen more often. Distribution was due to a combination of price and performance factors.

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