Stoves for baths: firewood and K *

Stoves for baths: firewood and K*

Everyone knows that the oven is the heart of the bath. So special attention should be paid to choosing the right furnace. Most commonly used solid fuel stoves (wood and coal). It is best to heat such a stove with birch wood, which gives a good heat, but does not sparkle. The stove-heater designed by Martynkevich is also quite popular. It is economical, heats up quickly, is safe (having such an oven, you can not worry about possible carbon monoxide poisoning), dries the entire bath well. Electric heaters of Finnish, German, Swedish and domestic production are also in great demand today. They provide heating up to 300 * C and are equipped with an automatic control device. Liquid fuel stoves

Stoves for baths: firewood and K*

(for example, kerosene, fuel oil or diesel) require the installation of a fuel tank, which must not be in the steam room. Among these ovens, the German Vasta oven is very popular. Gas-air furnaces operating on liquefied bottled gas are also often used, but they have one serious drawback – a high explosion hazard. So, having decided to install such a stove, it is worth remembering that it cannot be left unattended

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